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Professional experience since 2005.


  • Concept Art.
  • Design, Creative.
  • Illustrations, Digital Drawing, Comic Art.
  • Art for games, UI, characters, Environment, Icons Design, Effects and Animation.
  • 3D Modelling, Sculpting, Render.
  • Traditional and bones 2D Animation, storyboarding, 3D Animation.
  • Motion Design, VFX.


  • Adobe Photoshop / Premiere.
  • Clip Studio Paint for paint.
  • Blender 3D (Cycles render), ZBrush.
  • Unity Engine, VFX Graph.
  • Mandelbulber, Resolume.

Short Story:

Art School ➔ Jewelry design ➔ Animation studio ➔ Game Development ➔ Motion Design.